Now the excellence of 

RINSO MATIC & MOLTO are made available through Taptopick

Our Pickr will collect your laundry right from your doorstep. Maximum time you interact with our Pickr is 20 minutes, including the time for them to pack and seal your laundry.


Meet our Pickr

Schedule your laundry pick up at your most convenient time and place via our app. You can schedule as early as 3 hours from the time you make the order.


Booking via our App

Your clean laundry will be delivered back to you in 72 hours. You can monitor your laundry order status, and also receive notification once your laundry is ready.


Ready in 72 hours

Easy steps for a cleaner life!

Why Taptopick?

We take our customer convenience very seriously. Several taps away to get your laundry done. Pick the time, get your clean laundry and finish the payment. Hassle-free.

Our tech team worked really hard to develop technology that provides you a rapid, yet flawless user experience.

In-house Best in Class washing machine and operation team. And now washed with RINSO MATIC & MOLTO! 

(proven by Unilever R&D team to work better than common laundry detergent used by other commercial laundry)

Fast & Easy

Clean & Reliable

Join our Premium Laundry Marketplace!

If you are offering Dry Cleaning, Shoe Care, Household Care and other kind of Premium Laundry Service, lets show case your brand in Taptopick App. As the only Premium Laundry Marketplace in Indonesia, you can start reaching your customer online by collaborating with us. 

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